I can handle this hot weather if it's cool at night, and it has been for the past few nights. The humidity has broken, too; it's definitely not as bad as it was earlier this week. So even though it's supposed to be 87 today and 89 over the weekend, it will still be more comfortable unless the humidity rises. Here's to hoping!

(I also have to mow my grass this weekend; the neighbors mowed theirs and now mine looks really long. I haven't mowed it in a month, though, so technically, after mowing this time, I should be good until mid-September.)

This weekend's events include Burlington and a serious attempt at getting my kitchen back in order before the tomatoes explode into ripeness. I am off work Monday, so these goals should be doable. Also, more freezer pickles, sourdough bread and maybe more scones? (I haven't decided yet.) Laundry, the usual, and writing and fiddling. Probably not in that order.


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