Since I forgot to plug in my lawnmower last night*, I'll be mowing on Monday, so Monday will be the day to do stuff outside (in the mornings and evenings when it's cooler, of course.) If I am not dead from Burlington tomorrow, I may mow tomorrow evening (after all, I'll already be hot and sweaty, so why not get hotter and sweatier?) but we'll see about that. Either way, I'm planning to plug in my lawnmower later this afternoon.

So that means today is clear for boxing up stuff for Burlington, cleaning the kitchen, writing, laundry, baking bread and whatever else, and fiddling, which is what I intend to do. I have cucumbers to use up and some squash-with-holes to process, too.

I did manage to give away quite a few cucumbers last week, so my fridge isn't quite bursting with the Cucumber Horde, thank goodness. But there are more out in the garden to pick.

*I wonder if people with electric cars ever forget to plug in their cars.


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