I forgot to mention this last night, but my Charge of the Write Brigade post for this week is up.

I ate one of the eggplants I got at the Farmer's Market for supper last night, in a stir-fry along with okra and green beans. Quite yummy! Stir-fry is my summer menu item of choice because it's so simple and easy.

And, after sitting on the edits for Fire and Water since March (it needed something added, and I wasn't sure how/where to do that) I think I'm just about finished. Which is wonderful.

(Yes, I abandoned Whippoorwill for the moment.)

After Fire and Water, I really have to work through The Sixth Stone again, because it needs a little expansion. And then, perhaps, I'll get back to Whippoorwill, although I should go through So You Want to be a Vampire and Transformation again as well and get them submitted and out of my finished queue.

If I finish Whippoorwill, then the next one to finish is Detour, I think. (The next Karen Montgomery story.) And then, Scarecrows, book 3 of the Beth-Hill series.


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