Okay, now I feel like I'm getting somewhere.

I'm on my second-to-last load of laundry, which has included all the nasty towels I use to soak up the water from the leaks in the kitchen and laundry room, Mabel's equally nasty blanket which is usually white, and a rug. The other loads were normal--towels and my clothes. Yet to come: blankets and sheets.

I successfully boxed up and cleaned in the spare bedroom, because I'm going to have an actual GUEST! Who plays the fiddle! coming in on Friday. Since the room was an absolute pigsty, I decided to make the attempt to fit all of Bekah's leftover stuff into the big closet, which I did, with much cursing. The closet is completely full and there's stuff piled three-boxes deep, but it's all in one place now, at least. And the room is usable. (Although if my sister doesn't remove her stuff BEFORE MY BIRTHDAY, I am not going to be very happy with her. She moved out in June of 2008, after all. And now she has a house where she can store all of this crap. I do not run a storage facility. Do not ask me how many times I was tempted just to haul it all out to the curb, since most of it she probably would never miss anyway.)

So since Bekah and Matt took the metal bed that was in that room for Ethan (and I saw it freshly painted yesterday; it looks really nice!), I set up one of the brass beds. The springs are like lying on a hammock. I am not kidding! It's so weird and bouncy. Hopefully Jami won't mind. :)

The only things that were actually mine in that room halfway filled a very small box, and all of my empty boxes are now in a neat pile on the other side of the chest of drawers. This works well for packing stuff, since I can pack up stuff on the bed.

And, I was able to move the big heavy oak rocking chair out of the hallway and into the bedroom where I've wanted to put it ever since I carried it upstairs. With the little oak table I bought at the auction in Bethel a few weeks ago sitting beside it, it's going to be a nice place to sit and play with the kitten*, whose room this will become.

I'm not really going to worry about my hallway (which is a mess), my bedroom (which is a mess), or my craft room (again, a mess, although more of an organized one.) My goal for today is to clean up in the music room, the kitchen, the entry room, and the laundry room. Whatever I don't get done will become my priority for the week. The real priority, of course, was to have a usable bed before Jami got here and to clean up the spare room, so that's done and it's all good.

Hey, having a guest coming gives me incentive to actually do it! I am not complaining. :)

Otherwise, this is laundry and baking day. I am making sourdough french bread (one loaf, same recipe as last week), and sourdough cinammon rolls. This is my second time ever making cinammon rolls--the first time they didn't turn out very well, so I'm hoping these do. We shall see.

*I just realized I hadn't mentioned the kitten here yet. Two weeks ago, I obtained a kitten. There's a really long story (available on LJ if you are my friend there) behind it, but she tested positive for Feline Leukemia, and has to be isolated from the other cats until I can retest (and hopefully it was a false positive.) Her name is Moppet. She is a long-haired, beautiful kitten with only one eye. I still have to get a good picture of her. Right now, she is isolated in the upstairs bathroom, which works well for everyone, but it's a very small room. The bedroom will give her more space to play, and I will have some place to sit other than the toilet. :)


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