So after lying on the spare bed a bit over the weekend (playing with Miss Moppet, who is now in that bedroom), I decided that since it was so comfy, I had to see if I could fit the other springs on my bed instead of the box springs (which are really cheap and have no actual springs) which are not comfortable at all.

After a bit of measuring and a lot of wrestling (and some cursing, I'll admit) I determined that yes, they would fit--perfectly (and I mean, perfectly down to 1/8 of an inch on either side)--and got really hot and sweaty trying to wrestle the box springs out and put the heavy, cast iron actual springs into place.

This makes my bed a lot lower, which is not a bad thing. This also makes my bed a lot softer, which is doing wonders for my back--for the past two days I've awakened with hardly any back pain at all (granted, it's never bad back pain in the first place, but definite stiffness.) I've also found that with this new setup, it's more comfortable if I only sleep with one pillow instead of two, which is weird in itself, since I've always slept with two pillows.

It's like sleeping in a hammock. I'm sure some people would not find it comfortable, but I'm finding it very, very comfortable. Which makes me wonder why they took away that option in the first place. Did no one want to bother with springs? (And I say 'springs', but what I'm talking about is like a mesh of intersected metal parts with springs on the end, suspended in a frame.) Not like this. I can't seem to find anything similar online, so maybe I'm not calling them the right thing. Who knows. Anyway, it's definitely comfy now. :)

EDIT: Okay, the closest I can come are link springs, which are used with daybeds, evidently. Only my spring sets do not have any middle piece. They are suspended between two cast iron bars that sit underneath a frame. There's nothing but link springs that support you. Very, very comfy!


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