Officially, I've decided that The Sixth Stone needs to be rewritten. I like the concept, but it's a more adult concept than a Jacob Lane book can handle, and I really, really think a member of the Hunt needs to be in the mix. So this idea of mine (an alternate reality Wild Hunt, basically; what if the Hunt was never bound by the Council) is still viable, and will either become a Karen Montgomery story or a book in the Beth-Hill series.

Having three series set in the same world and trying to keep it all straight isn't easy sometimes.

So anyway, today at lunch I started The Sixth Stone again, using the little stone cottages from my dream the other night. Unfortunately, Jacob and Danny won't like what they find inside...

Edit: Oh, and obviously, the next book in the series, The Fifth Tree, will have to be about Emma. The Fourth Door is a bit harder. The Third Wish is obvious; The Second Spell less so and The First Wizard, well, I have no clue about that one yet either. And then, oh my, I will be finished! (Not that I'm holding my breath, mind you.)


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