We have a bridal shower to go to today for my cousin, so that's why I had to get so much done yesterday. And it's also my Mom's birthday, so Happy Birthday, Mom!

I'm really getting tired of the every weekend thing, though; the last entire weekend I had at home was at the end of July.

Next weekend, though, my schedule is clear to be home the entire weekend. There's a dinner at church on Saturday, but I'm not counting that. All I have to do is bake bread, and I'll be at home for that anyway. I'm intended to start boxing stuff up for the craft show, cleaning, and working outside in the gardens that badly need to be worked on (the kitchen garden is a mess), and Bekah is supposed to come to go through and get rid of the stuff in the spare bedroom (yay!), so it will be a busy weekend nonetheless.

After that, the yard sales are the 11th and 12th (still have to collect stuff for that), there's a baby shower for another cousin on the 13th that I might not go to because I need one day at home per weekend, dammit (and I can send a gift anyway--which I have to make), the weekend after that is Burlington, and the weekend after that I'm going to have to go to the farmer's market with Em again because Mom and Dad will be at the cousin's wedding (in Knoxville, TN.) This time, I intend to bring a cooler. And then, it's October. I had intended to do a small jaunt up to Kidron, OH and Lehmans Hardware during my vacation in October, but I have a feeling that's going to be a craft-show kickoff vacation, so that is probably not going to happen. (Hey, I have to do it sometime, and that would make sense.)

The every weekend stuff isn't conductive to getting anything done around the house, starting the craft show stuff, posting auctions, or writing for an extended period of time, although I have started rereading The Seventh Secret in preparation for revising The Sixth Stone. I think I may rewrite it; I like the concept a lot, but I'm not sure this particular concept needs to be a Jacob Lane book. It would do better as a Beth-Hill book or even a Karen Montgomery story. But I have a few ideas, including my dream about the stone cottages, to incorporate into the rewrite if that is what I decide to do.

Hopefully things will slow down a bit by fall. I miss my quiet weekends when my car doesn't move from my driveway for two whole days. :(


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