Craft show burblings:

Last night, I told Mom that I wanted two tables for St. George. We're having crafting demonstrations at this one (and--hopefully--a bread baking demonstration, too!) and if I make some of the things I want to make, I might actually need two tables. And I'd like to spread out a bit, too, and since Jess will be with me and they have the extra space, it would be nice to have two tables.

Since my time is so squeezed, I am thinking that the two weeks between craft shows will end up being my crunch time. I have enough stuff for one craft show right now. I might make another woven scarf and another cashmere doll. Obviously, I will make notecards. (I still need to figure out the best way to display the notecards, darn it!)

In the two weeks between, cat toys! Dog biscuits! Etc., etc. I really need to make a list, which I might do today if I have time. (Today is also rearranging the litterboxes day, so we'll see.)


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