Whew! Well, I'm back, and wiped out. It was almost too hot to be walking around the RenFaire--I do wish they allowed people to (at the very least) bring in water, because I know I didn't drink as much water as I should have today. I'm going to make up for that in tea, though.

Strangely enough, I ordered a hot tea from the tea place and felt cooler. Go figure that one out.

So I hadn't been there for two years, since the year I set up there with the other semi-local authors.

Most of the same people are there, of course, but there are quite a few new people as well. I went specifically to buy two more CDs from the glass harmonica guy (his name is Donal Hinely and he is a very nice and cool guy) and to possibly buy something from the sculptor guy I've bought a few things from. I bought the CDs--I only have one more left and I have all of his CDs--but I didn't buy anything from the sculptor guy this year.

My favorite potter was there, though, and Dad bought me a bowl, which they didn't have two years ago. I really, really like the bowl. It's medium mixing bowl sized, so it will be useful as well as pretty.

And that's all I bought, really, other than food and trips through the maze with Ethan (we had to go twice.) I did give Ethan $10 to spend on himself--he bought a wooden sword with that money, and then I bought him a bar of soap that had two frogs inside of it and he got Bekah a bar of soap with a butterfly in it as well.

The tea lady was gone, which was a shame, because I really liked her tea and lip balm. The weaver was still there, but again, as before, they're not very social. You walk in, no one speaks to you, there are no prices posted, and they also didn't have the pretty blue shawls I didn't buy two years ago, so that was probably a good thing, because I'm sure they're more than $125 now.

They did have lovely cream colored woven wool cloaks, which I think is a great idea, and they were lovely. But while I was looking, again, not one of the two ladies inside the weaver's shop said one word to me. That's a bit irritating. So what if I'm only looking? You can at least welcome me--as a potential customer--into your shop.

The admission price has been raised to $19.99, which is a bit ridiculous in my opinion, and parking is still $2.00. We got yelled at because we parked in the handicapped parking, but there were no signs, and no one around us had handicapped stickers, so that was a bit unfair. However, they let us stay where we were, so that was good.

There were a lot more people in costume, some of them quite outlandish. I really felt for the people in wool cloaks and heavy velvet costumes today. Ethan got to talk to one of the swordsmen, who remembered his name after their show, and he also enjoyed the mud show and the jousting. I think he had a good time.

Will I go back next year? With a discount ticket, probably, although with the price of gas and other things, it may end up that I visit the RenFaire every other year instead of every year. We'll see.

It was a fun, but exhausting day, and my shoes and feet are covered with dust. I don't think they got any of the rain we had the other day; everything was bone dry and very, very dusty. And it was packed. They were definitely not hurting for people today.

But thankfully, that's the end of my Very Busy Weekend, and I'm off tomorrow and Tuesday. Which reminds me, I need to make a list of things to accomplish.


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