I realized when I cleared off the dining room table to put a table cloth on the table (dark green, with a shawl over top of it--trust me, it looks nice) that my biggest sticking point about this room was the fact that it had no purpose. I hate purposeless rooms.

Being a dining room doesn't count, because I've eaten in that room exactly four times. And I didn't like to go into it; even when it was the ebay room, it was too cluttered to actually do anything, much less enjoy it.

So now, it's the music room/conservatory. I have practice room for both harps, I have extra room to store harp cases and such. I have spare seating, and a window seat. I have spots for my plants for the winter. I have a room that I can walk into and around the table (which looks fabulous, if I do say so myself) without tripping over piles of stuff.

The acoustics in this room, by the way, are lovely. It will be a very good choice for a music room.

I even sat down earlier to try out the low rocking chair I bought for the big harp, and I was right in thinking it would work just fine. In fact, it's just about perfect; small enough not to get in the way and just the right size to be a harp chair. I have the harp sitting in front of the east-facing window as I'd envisioned (Morgan is on the dining room table) and the case stored in front of the closet. Morgan's case fits under the table and out of sight.

At the moment, I have about 8 trips left of stuff out in the hallway, and maybe 10 trips left still in the dining room (some things, like my other big typewriter, are one-trip items) I'm going to try to get to the stuff in the hallway tonight so I can feed the outside cats tomorrow morning, and then I'll move the stuff left in the dining room out into the hallway and work from there.

And be finished.

I like that word.


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