Yesterday, on my lunch break, I headed over to the Salvation Army store because I really need a couple more pairs of pants. Not necessarily for work, but that would be nice. What I really need is a few more pairs of old jeans. I didn't find any jeans, but I found two pairs of pants, only to discover as I stood in the checkout line that their credit card machine was down and they were only accepting cash.

Since I didn't have any cash, I had to leave my two pairs of pants behind, and they lost my business.

Today, I got off work early because I wanted to go vote and Basil has a late afternoon vet appointment, so I stopped by Goodwill on my way home. I found plenty of pants at Goodwill (two pairs of corduroys and three pairs of regular pants) and an early 20th century oak (and possibly cherry or maple) rocking chair. The rocking chair was $29, which was a steal. Hopefully, the pants will all fit, and I won't have to buy any more for a while. I also found a teacup that I thought was my Finlandia pattern (it's not, but it has to be either by Myott or someone similar just because of its shape and look) and an Otagiri Golden Mist little mug. Obviously, no one must collect the Golden Mist pattern, since there are only three on ebay. I think it looks rather Art Deco, actually.

Strangely, even though I didn't think I've lost any weight, every pair of pants I've tried on lately have either fit me perfectly (after being a bit tight before) or have been loose enough for me to think about having to find a belt. Of course this would happen after the rummage sale where I could have probably found a nice belt for $.50, but oh well. I'll start looking, I guess. I've just never really been a belt person.

And I voted today, painlessly, with only one person in line ahead of me, so it didn't even take very long at all. And since that's over and done with, I can safely ignore the phone calls and ads and hope that I voted for the right person.


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