Since all I wanted was an excuse to stay up late tonight, I decided to try the dough mixer out tonight, because Mom wants to do a bread making demonstration at the craft show with all of our breadmaking toys, and we hadn't tried it out yet.

Which dough mixer, you ask? Why, the one we found at Burlington last year--the one that I thought could easily make nine loaves of bread. Which is true. It could. But for this experimental batch, I only made four.

I'm going to venture a guess that the max for this dough mixer is a dozen loaves.

The baked goods auction is tomorrow evening at church--for you local folks reading this, the spaghetti supper starts at 6:30 and the auction starts at 7:30--and I am, of course, baking bread. I also will be baking a cake to use up some of my butter sugar from the failed candy.

So anyway, I cleaned it out really good, then tested it for watertightness. Well, as Dad predicted, it leaks like a sieve, and I soon had to wipe up three cups of water off my floor. I was going by every other dough mixer I've used, and they all say to put the water in first. Obviously, that wasn't going to happen this time.

So I measured out 14 cups of flour (which was 5lbs, exactly) and the rest of the ingredients, and then as I cranked, I poured in the first half of the water (I needed 6 cups total.) Then, when nothing leaked, I poured in the rest. Success!

A quadruple batch of Italian bread is now rising in the music room. Hopefully.

In all honesty, it looks good. I didn't see any clots of yeast or anything; as far as I could tell, it mixed everything up just fine. So I have high hopes that mixing up a dozen loaves of bread at one time is in the near-ish future.

(Let me tell you, though; talk about a workout! I thought the dough buckets were bad, well, this is worse. Or better. Depending on how you feel about workouts.)


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