Trick or Treat was tonight, and as I predicted, no one wanted to walk down my driveway. Maybe next year I'll get packs of that fake spiderweb and outfit my garden and stand in the middle of my trellis (covered in spiderwebs, of course) dressed as a ghost or something. Who knows.

I found out what non-durable goods are called. Non-durable goods, of course! Or soft goods. I will be making that post hopefully over the weekend.

Remember that auction with the Union loom and all the supplies? Well, the people who bought the loom & supplies sold some of them on ebay. Guess who was the high bidder? Yep, me. 40+ lbs of fabric mostly cut into strips. For the price I originally wanted to pay for them, even! Ha.

It seriously smells like sweet potato casserole outside. While this isn't a bad smell at all, I can't imagine what it's coming from.


wintersweet said…
...What do you mean, "trick or treat was tonight?" I've heard of some (weird) cities rescheduling trick-or-treating when Halloween is on a Sunday or a school night, but ... bwuh?

(it's wintersweet from lj)
Jennifer said…
I gather it has something to do with not wanting Trick-Or-Treat on Friday night. I don't know. I wish they'd just have it on the real holiday!

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