I am so tired and sore right now, but I'm not finished carrying stuff upstairs yet. I'm not sure I'll get done tonight, but I might try. it would be nice to be able to sweep tomorrow and say I'm done with the dining room. Which is something I should shout from the rooftops, considering how long it has taken for me to finish it.

And I actually have other stuff to do tomorrow, like laundry, digging up the sweet potatoes, picking stuff in the garden, lunches for next week, checking out my new yoga and stretching dvds that came today (I figured walking up and down the stairs as much as I did today counted just fine as exercise, so I haven't opened them yet.)

I had to leave to run an errand earlier, and I needed gas--luckily, even on empty my car has a reserve, because the Georgetown UDF was out of gas. Completely. I guess it's really time to fill up when my tank's half empty, don't you think? And not because it's cold outside yet, either.

I made chocolate cake (no icing, and less sugar--the recipe called for 2 cups!) today because I was craving something sweet to eat. It's quite yummy, but I've eaten too much of it already today.

I've been listening to NPR all day long (as usual) and Prairie Home Companion had a really great song on the 'Lives of the Cowboys' portion of tonight's show. Whenever they put up the archive, anyone who needs a laugh should listen to tonight's show. If you're in the Cincinnati area, they'll be playing tonight's show again at noon tomorrow. And that's all I'm going to say about that.


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