The price of flour went down--50lbs of bread flour was $24 this time instead of $34! Yay!! (Mom and Dad were nice enough to take my list and go to the Amish bulk foods store for me, since I haven't had time to go on the weekends, and won't have time for a while. So I have plenty of flour now, among other things like cheese.) And you know, I'm okay with paying this price. It's less than 50 cents a pound, after all. And the average loaf of bread uses a pound of flour (or thereabouts.)

And I awoke this morning to the lovely sound of rain! What could be better than that? (Well, what could be better than that is if I didn't have to get up to go to work, but I digress.)


Unknown said…
Yay for the price decrease! That's heartening. I wonder if I've got a bulk foods store like that anywhere near me. I haven't found one, and Costco only sells ConAgra bags for no less than equivalent of the five-pound bags I can get at Kroger. And now that I'm baking a lot, I'm constantly concerned about running out of flour.
Jennifer said…
I'd heard on the radio that the price of corn and soybeans was down, so I crossed my fingers and hoped! :)

Hmm. You would think there would be *something* fairly nearby. There are a couple of places on that are too far away from me, but they might not be too far away from you.

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