I went to the auction until noon, and now I'm waiting to hear if I bought anything. (Dad was going to stay, and I had to get home to finish putting my chili together, bring in my plants, and stuff like that before the chili contest/supper.)

The only thing I really wanted was the mandolin, which has been hanging on the wall of the Blue Haven since time immemorial, but we'll see if I get it or not. The only other thing I asked Dad to bid on were the big cast iron skillets--they were very nice.

I successfully brought in most of my plants with the help of my dolley (again, the best $7.50 I've ever spent) and that includes my orange tree. My lemon eucalyptus is not dead, but I'm contemplating letting it die. We'll see, though. If I do bring it in, I'll have to cut it back severely.

Everything except for a few aloe pots is in, and I'm really out of room, but I'm going to try to stick the rest of the aloe somewhere.

The only other thing on my list of things to do today is take a shower and get dressed before the chili contest/supper, so I'm actually doing pretty good.

It was rather cold in here this morning, though, but not as bad as I thought--it was 58 degrees at the thermostat, and probably a bit colder in the kitchen. Still, that's not terrible, and I have no desire to turn on the heat just yet. Although right at the moment, it's 57 degrees in here, and a bit too cool to be walking around in short sleeves.


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