So far:

3 loaves Italian (I cut into the one with the flaxseed, and it was quite good.)

And, rising:

1 loaf Apple Butter Bread
1 loaf Russian Black Rye Bread (with black cocoa, yeah!)
1 loaf German Farmhouse Bread
3 loaves Porcupine Bread (which is a fancy name for three seed bread)
4 loaves Honey French Bread

In about ten minutes, the Apple Butter Bread and Honey French Bread will be ready to form into loaves for the second rising. When the first two go in the oven, the others will be ready to form into loaves. This isn't working out quite as planned, because I really should put the dough into the same pans each time, but maybe I can work around that a bit. We'll see.

And in truth, I could quit now and have 13 loaves of bread for the auction, but I really want to make one or two more varieties. I have Buckwheat Bread written down on my list, but I'm not sure about that. (I do, however, have buckwheat flour to use up.) And I don't have a whole wheat yet, so that's definitely next, I think.

Maybe I should do just a plain white bread? I don't know. And what about potato bread? Hmm.


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