Part of me is glad this was the last Burlington, because now I can concentrate on going through and getting rid of stuff, and finish cleaning/reorganizing the house. However...

Remember the people who had the giant bolts of velvet upholstery fabric for $35/each last month? Guess what? Waiting paid off. I ended up with three bolts of 70-some inch-wide fabric for $30 this time. Ha! And I got the pretty green fabric I originally wanted. I also got hot pink velvet, probably to sell, and a rust colored velvet that is very pretty. I am going to make a cloak out of the green fabric, with a darker green lining, I think. Or a patchwork lining, which might actually end up looking really cool. And I bet I could make 10 cloaks out of what I have, easily.

The coolest thing I found was a wooden mirror with a stand, that is too pretty and unique not to take a picture of (but I will have to do that tomorrow, since it's pretty dark in here right now. It's carved and lovely, and will look fabulous on my craft show table. :)

I found two stick bookcases--one a really cute small one for my craft show table (the one I usually use is in use, and I really didn't want to try to find another setup for my computer while I use the bookcase) for $10, and then a really big one for $20. The $20 one is now on the old table beside my floor loom where I had two small stick bookcases holding yarn. All the yarn fit on the new bookcase with room to spare, and it actually looks a lot better. And that means I have two spare stick bookcases that will probably be used upstairs in my studio/fabric room.

I then found a (painted) red pine box for $5 that is really cheap-o and not even close to being important, which will be used as my experiment litterbox box. See, I've always thought that if I ever found a trunk that wasn't worth anything, I could cut a hole in the side of it, place a litterbox inside, and voila, the mess is contained. Well, this box has a lid that opens halfway, and if I can get a litterbox (or two, actually) that I can fit inside of it, then I will be able to leave the lid open and still have the mess contained. We'll see if it works. If not, I have a red box to put stuff in, which could very well be cat toys, the way things are going around here. ;)

The only other thing I found was a Pampered Chef stoneware baking bowl for $5.

Early on, it was freezing, but I did wear my Eddie Bauer snow boots, and my feet are actually pretty okay at the moment. I also wore one of my winter coats, which was smart, because there were gloves in my pockets, thank goodness. By 10am or so, it was warm enough to get rid of my coat, and underneath I wore my flannel-lined denim shirt, which was very comfy all day long.

Afterwards, I stopped to eat at Mom and Dad's, ended up looking at stuff they got at a silent auction Friday night, and didn't get home until 6:15pm. I was supposed to bake brownies for a work thing tomorrow, but I'm not sure they'll get done. I may just stop somewhere on my way in tomorrow and buy some cookies or something, because I still have stuff in the car to unload.

A very, very, very long day. Whew!

(I will take pictures tomorrow.)


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