Well, I tried the PM yoga this evening, and... well, attempting to do yoga with a playful kitten trying to bite your fingers is not a great idea. But he eventually fell asleep, and I--honestly--don't feel too bad right now. Boy, am I not flexible, though. If I can ever rest my forehead on my leg in the one pose (I forget the name of it) then I know I'll be getting somewhere, flexibility-wise.

Just in case you don't read Plethora, Grey and I are claiming Wednesday as a permanent 'Buy Nothing Day'--after she posted about it, it really struck me that we've gotten so out of touch with the 'take only what you need and set aside a day for no taking' mentality. Traditionally, the day to buy nothing--or take nothing--would be Sunday, but I thought, for various reasons--and I'll admit, two of the reasons were Burlington and Lawrenceburg--that for me, at least, mid-week would work better for reflecting what has happened so far that week and what should happen the rest of the week. I think this will be a good thing to do.

But more than that, the 'take only what you need' part of Grey's post makes me wonder if we're on the same wavelength or something, because the post to myself that I've been writing for a week now started out exactly in that vein. Which is not a bad thing at all.


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