I didn't end up with anything from the auction, which is okay--the mandolin went for $85 to someone who said it used to belong to someone in his family, so that's okay too. And the cast iron skillets went for $50 each--and they were unmarked. Eeek.

The chili supper/contest went well, too. Neither Mom nor I won any prizes, but everyone who ate my chili (I made Turkey Mushroom chili, if I hadn't mentioned that before) liked it. And Mom's was good too.

Tomorrow is Burlington, and with a low of 33 tonight (and patchy frost!), we're going to freeze in the morning. So I have my thermos ready, and my Smartwool socks are in the dryer at the moment so I can wear them too. I'm trying to figure out what shoes to wear. It's only going to get up to 61 tomorrow, so I could wear a pair of my comfy boots, but the only really comfy pair of boots that I have that I can walk in over an extended period of time and not die later are my old Eddie Bauer leather snow boots. But we'll see.

(I wore my shearling-lined snow boots to the auction this morning, along with a pair of Smartwool socks. My feet were nice and toasty, but by 3pm (after changing out of those boots when I got home at 12:30pm) my feet weren't happy with me at all. The problem is that my feet slide in the lined boots, but my other boots aren't lined enough, if that makes sense.)

My other dilemma is what hat to wear? :)

(And yes, I think about these things far too much.)

Anyway, I do have some things to do before I head off to bed in a bit here, so I'd better do them and get going.


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