Well, tonight was the only possible candy-for-the-baked-good-auction night, and alas, the candy sugared even thought it's only 37% humidity outside. *sigh* Sometimes these things happen. So now I have a bunch of butter flavored sugar. Perhaps I'll make a cake with it on Saturday? Who knows.

And yes, the baked goods auction is Saturday evening, along with a Spaghetti Dinner. I am making bread (and possibly cake, because I hate to waste the sugar), but I haven't decided what kind of bread I'm going to make just yet. Definitely whole wheat challah, though; it's too pretty not to make again.

I am back on track with Transformation, even after accidentally erasing an entire chapter. I added about 15 pages to what I had, reworked the subplot a bit, and now I'm happy with it as it stands. And I've already written over 1k since yesterday! Not too shabby at all.


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