Oh, garlic.

I had every intention of just planting the garlic I harvested last year, but it has dried. Phooey. And the garlic I harvested this year isn't enough for me to use and still have enough to plant, so I ordered some of what was left from The Garlic Store (hopefully it's good stuff, since my usual places to order were either out or twice as expensive as last year, yikes.)

I harvested most of the sesame today, and while I really don't have enough to do much with, I have enough to plant again next year and hopefully have a better harvest. I can't say I didn't have a good harvest with the plants I had, but I didn't have many plants, either. I'm not sure I planted the whole pack. I might not have. I'll have to check.

Still, though, I can grow sesame! Now I just have to get the poppies growing, and then I can have my three favorite seeds (sesame, poppy, and sunflower, of course.)

And I am looking ahead to next year already.

Next year, I am thinking to put all my tomatoes out back. The ones that are out back already are still growing wonderfully, the ones out front are dead. If I put all the tomatoes out back, then I have room to set aside a spot for experiments, like more sesame and peanuts.

And also? I'm considering ordering certain seeds in bulk from Sproutpeople--they sell quinoa, and amaranth, and kamut, and wheat, and peanuts, and I'm really wondering if you could grow the rice they sell for sprouts. Hmm. They have lentils and garbanzo beans, too. They also have red clover, too, which I really want to plant around the perimeter of the garden for the bees.


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