I've been writing what began as a post for Plethora all week long, examining things I was questioning, and answering some questions I had. (Yes, I write blog posts to myself sometimes when I'm trying to work out certain things.)

And I realized while I was writing that it's October, and guess what? The dining room is not done yet. And in a couple of weeks, I'm going to have to bring in my plants. And I wanted to have things situated in the dining room so I didn't have piles of dirt on the floor and broken pots from last year still there.

And what I wanted did not come to pass.

And since this is my last non-busy weekend (Let's see--next Saturday is the rummage sale up at church and my cousin's wedding. Next Sunday we're going to the RenFaire. Thank goodness I'm off Monday and Tuesday of that next week, because I'll actually get to bake bread, probably on my birthday, and Basil has a vet appointment that day too. The next week is the Blue Haven auction on Saturday, the chili supper at church Saturday night, and Burlington on Sunday. The next week is the baked goods auction/spaghetti supper at church, so I will be baking all day long for that, and I think Sunday is actually free. And then, guess what? October is over. Yikes.

Somewhere in between there, I have to do more craft show stuff, too. And clean. And other things, like order books and oh, yeah, write. October's a busy month this year!

So anyway, I realized while I was writing this post to myself that I really have no choice whatsoever--this weekend has to be dining room weekend. So that's #1 on my list. I should get plenty of exercise walking up and down the steps, don't you think?

And tonight, I decided that I needed to try the church pew in the kitchen--it's actually too large, darn it; what I really need for that end of the table is a slightly taller bench than the benches I already have. But I lugged it in there, slowly and carefully, and then, while I was staring at it and not liking it (and after I rearranged the space it was in and really, really like how that looks), I remembered what I had written in the post to myself.

And what about my window seat?

See, my dining room has a bay window. I have always wanted a window seat, and when I say always, I mean ever since I read a book as a child where the heroine lived in a house that had a window seat, and she could sit on the window seat and watch the world outside. (I don't remember what book it was, though.)

So obviously, that made an impression. And I was all set to have my window seat when I first saw the bay window, because it was piled high with books and such which completely obscured the fact that there's a radiator right smack in the middle of the bay window.

While staring at the church pew in the kitchen, I thought to myself--hey, wait a minute! Maybe I can have my window seat after all!

Of course if I could find my measuring tape, I'd see if this is really a possibility or not, but it seems to have gone missing again.

Okay, it wasn't missing very far; it was on the kitchen table in plain sight.

The church pew is 41 inches long; I don't really care about depth. Since I really don't have that many plants to bring in this year, I don't think I need the pillars/mantlepiece setup that I had before, which means I probably have enough plant stands/benches/etc to not have to use it. And the church pew will fit in the bay window, giving me a place to read, write, or play the harp--away from the kitties, unless I allow them in there supervised--and I'd get my window seat without having to figure out a way to build it around the radiator.

Ha! Hopefully, this will be the incentive I need to actually finish the dining room. This weekend.


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