I think my feet have fallen off.

*checks* Nope, they're still attached. But oh do they hurt.

It is quite obvious that I need to open a boulangerie. Not a bakery, per se, because I really wouldn't be completely interested in pastries and the like, but an actual boulangerie. Bread, bread, and more bread. I would enjoy baking bread for a living, yes I would. Especially if I had a wood-fired oven in my backyard. *wishes*

The spaghetti supper/baked goods auction went fabulously well. I got volunteered to hold up the baked goods as they were being auctioned, and Bekah ended up helping as well, along with a couple of other people. Bekah got to hold the $50 pumpkin roll. :)

I lost out on Mom's pies, but Dad bought two of them (not the cherry, alas) and it's not like I can't get one pretty much whenver I want anyway... :)

I believe the highest selling bread was the Black Russian Rye, which Dad bought. The others all went for between $12.50-$20, I think. Most of them went for $15. Nothing was allowed to go for under $10, which I thought was fair. I forgot to bring the Apple Butter Bread for people to try, so I'll be eating some of that for breakfast tomorrow (I'm thinking with cream cheese!) and I'll probably give a loaf to Mom and Dad, too.

Whew. I am tired, though.

Tomorrow, I have a short list of things to do. It's supposed to be beautiful tomorrow, so I'm making time to go to Mom and Dad's and take fall photographs for my notecards and such. But I also have to do laundry, and other stuff, like plant the garlic and clean out Cocoa's cage. And dishes. Boy, do I have dishes.

Right now, though, I'm going to head off to bed and hopefully most of the aches will be gone by morning. :)


Unknown said…
Wow. That was a heck of a lot of bread! And I thought I did well today with three loaves. :) (I still can't get a whole-wheat loaf to have any oven spring. I can't figure out what I'm doing wrong. At least the other two turned out okay.) Is there a recipe available for that Black Russian Rye, by any chance?
Jennifer said…
I am using the Laurel's Kitchen Whole Grain book's recipes for the whole wheat, and it's really involved and so far, works every time. Although I have purchased something to help me knead the *&$% bread for 20 minutes. :)

I can post the recipe--I don't know how it tastes, though, because my Dad hasn't tried it yet. It's also a very slow riser, but it did rise.

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