You know, considering the way my morning went, I'm surprised I got so much done at work today, but I did. And then, of course, I came home to dog puke on the floor. By that time, all I did was let her out, wipe it up, and put her in her crate for a while before supper so she wouldn't do it again.

I was a bit late getting home, because I stopped up church to drop something off and to pick up the porch table I bought for $5 to replace the table that Esther now sits on. My side porch has been a mess since I brought that table in and painted it, so now I have a replacement for a great price. It also has shelves, so I can store more potting stuff and in neater stacks and piles. So that works.

Still, I've only spent about $8 so far. I found five cookbooks, a set of small hedgehog figurines (I really couldn't resist those) and a glass flask topper thingy that I'm going to use on a walkingstick. I can't remember what they are called offhand. This may be the cheapest rummage sale (to my pocketbook) yet!

And they've made $1200 so far, too! How cool is that?!


Unknown said…
You know, theoretically, you don't have to spend any money at the rummage sale at all. :) (Also, I want to call them jumble sales because I read To Say Nothing of the Dog recently.) Though the table sounds nice! I could use something like that.
Jennifer said…
Oh, yes, I know. :) And they are really jumble sales, aren't they?

I did donate my extra bike, so that's good too.

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