This morning, the world is conspiring against me to make sure I don't get anything done on time. So far, I've had computer problems, delays, spilled cat food, and now I'm eating breakfast at my desk while I attempt to post today's chapters of Heart's Desire.

I'm not very happy at the moment. ARGH.

Oh, and I should add--I didn't get up late in any way. But now? Now I'm running late, because even though I had a whole hour and a half to do everything in, I still have to take a shower and get dressed and post HD--and now I only have a half an hour do that in.

I am not good at frustration. All I wanted to do this morning is have a nice morning and get to work on time. What's wrong with that?!?!!!!

But--guess who blew through town last night? Obama! I didn't see him, but I saw the first cars in the motorcade, and Mom saw the whole motorcade. Evidently, he stopped at a local restaurant to eat. I think that's the closest I've come to a presidential candidate, except for Al Gore, who I saw pass once in Columbus while I was stuck on the exit attempting to get home.


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