I had a very nice and quiet day yesterday. Started reworking Transformation in the evening after thinking about it all weekend, and got about 50 pages in before I had to go to bed. I'm reworking one subplot and revising a bit here and there on the others until I have a whole again. I think it should be okay this time.

I didn't get anything cleaned except for the dishes, but that's ok. And I slept in a bit this morning, since I didn't have any chapters to post.

I am contemplating whether or not to write up a 34 things to do in my 34th year list; I tried that once with varying success, but I rather like the idea of trying it again. We'll see. If I can come up with 34 things to put on my list that I can actually cross off my list (meaning: nothing vague) then I may do it and post the list here.

We'll see.


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