I finally found Orzo at the grocery store today; I hadn't had much luck when I looked for it for a recipe a while ago. I've forgotten the recipe, but I still wanted to try it, so I picked up a box while I was there this morning.

I had beets ready to pick, so I picked four medium sized ones, put the orzo in my rice cooker (with too much water; I'll have to do a 1:1 measurement next time, I think) and put the whole beets and the beet leaves in the steamer above it. By the time the orzo was ready, the beets were tender-crisp and the beet leaves were just right, so I peeled the beets and chopped them into quarters, and then mixed everything together with a very small amount of butter.

End result? I could have eaten the whole pot in one sitting, but I decided to save half for lunch tomorrow.

I could see adding garlic to this for a bit more variety of flavor, but honestly, the beets and beet greens were so tasty that I didn't think it needed anything else. And I really like the orzo. I wonder what kind of pasta maker attachment would create orzo? Is there one? I may have to find out.


wintersweet said…
My Trader Joe's is temporarily not carrying orzo! Makes me so sad. And they'd just gotten me hooked on it via an orzo salad recipe they were demo'ing a few weeks ago. Darn them.

I wonder if a potato ricer could make orzo somehow?

Love reading about what you're doing with your garden! I wish I could do the same. Maybe someday.
Jennifer said…
I really thought it would be easier to find when I went looking for it the first time! Orzo salad sounds very good, too. :)

I was thinking along the lines of a potato ricer. I may try it and see.

Well, if you are ever in Ohio, or going through Ohio, stop by and I'll load you up.
wintersweet said…
It was a tub of feta, a can of their non-icky marinated three-bean salad, and a box of orzo. Very tasty. Later I added grape tomatoes, also good.

You never know, I get out to Ohio every few years. ;) Knock knock...

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