I have discovered (or decided, whichever you choose to believe) that it would be quite impossible for me to carry everything out of the dining room that doesn't belong and into the bedroom where it will be stored in one day. Even in one morning. I don't have that kind of stamina. Some of the stuff from the entry room is still sitting in the hallway, waiting to be carried upstairs.

So what I've decided to do, since it looks like I won't get finished with the house by the time I have to go back to work, is that for the remainder of my vacation, I will do a little bit every day in the dining room. And if that means that I'll end up working in the dining room beyond the end of my vacation, that's fine too.

Right now, I an concentrating on the space between the dining room table and the fireplace. I carried most of it out into the entry room (figuring that I'd rather grab from that room and walk upstairs than from the dining room and have to make sure the door is closed behind me, etc., etc. sixty million times) and I have a little bit left to carry out before I start taking it all upstairs.

That will free up a good chunk of space in the dining room, and also allow me to get to the rest of my non-fiction and reference books, which I've been putting on the shelves in the Green/Loom room as I go along. So far, I think I'll have enough room, which will be nice.

Then I will make ten trips upstairs and downstairs for more stuff. And then what's left can wait for a few hours, because I will be exhausted by then and ready for a break.

My goal is to carry everything that is in the dining room pile and the rest of the entry room stuff upstairs by the end of today.

I also have to mow the grass and stake the rest of the tomatoes this evening so I don't want to be too exhausted to do that.

Hopefully, that is a doable goal.

Otherwise, I'll be working in the kitchen, laundry room, and bathroom. And if I get really motivated, upstairs in my bedroom and hallway and office.

The trick will be not having to yell at Certain Cats and Kittens too many times as they knock things over (already happened once), try to get in the dining room (three times so far), and be nuisances (countless times.)

I bought a bag of pearl tapioca at the Amish store yesterday, because some of the recipes I've been wanting to try have called for it, and I left the bag on the kitchen table while I took some beans to my backyard neighbor and her visiting daughters. When I got back, someone had poked a hole in the tapioca bag, and there was tapioca all over the kitchen table. Luckily, I was able to save most of it. Argh!


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