I had every intention of starting in the entry room this evening, but then for some reason, I ended up in the kitchen. The bakeware/cookware (glass, stoneware, and pyrex) cabinet is currently fairly empty as I go through all my casseroles again; it's one thing to decide that I'm keeping some of the vintage pyrex casseroles I bought at the auction a while ago, but it's another thing to actually store them properly.

I haven't gotten rid of much, just two white oval casseroles I originally bought for bread. I didn't like the way the bread stuck no matter what I did, and I like my small stoneware casserole and my other stoneware pieces a lot better, so out they will go.

I have rearranged a bit in there, though, and I'm going to attempt to put the least-used stuff on the top shelf and the most-used stuff on the middle shelf. The bottom shelf is filled by my rice cooker, my George Foreman grill (for use for sandwiches), my pyrex measuring cups and my collection of custard cups (which I use all the time.)

I also removed my large dish drainer and placed the small one in the other sink, and then I did the dishes, which fit perfectly in the small dish drainer. I also am making granola with a different recipe--this one contains brown sugar. We shall see how it tastes. (And had homemade pizza with beet leaves for supper! Mmmm!)

So far, I've done the dishes every night this week. Yay me!

I put my big dough bowl on the counter where the dish drainer was, and also put my stand mixer there as well. It looks nice.

Earlier, I combined two of the pantry cabinets and took my cookie sheets and drying racks out of the laundry room and placed them into a cabinet because they were falling over like crazy in the laundry room. So all my pots and pans are in the laundry room. When I go through them, I'm going to break up my set, because I really have never used one of the pots (the larger one) and I don't think I need it. I'm also not positive I need to keep two 5qt pots, either. But we'll see.


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