I guess this is going to be a writing week (at least so far) because Fire and Water now stands at 22,691 words. And I'm not complaining one bit! It's so nice to have a story that isn't giving me fits right now. (And I realize that it may yet give me fits. But right now? Heaven!)

The weather today was wonderful; the weather tonight is supposed to be even better. It is 77 inside, and cooler outside, and it's supposed to get down to 59 tonight. I walked out in the garden when I got home from work (and picked a couple of tomatoes, another yellow crookneck squash, and a pepper) and it was wonderful out there as well. Expect some photos this weekend, because my sunflowers and zinnias are starting to bloom, and out back, I have a red hardy hibiscus already blooming. Everything in the garden/s is growing so nicely, but my squash is trying to take over. I won't be able to walk down the path through the lima beans and the squash by the weekend. Yikes!


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