Picture post:

New haircut!

A very, very patient butterfly.
I think I will make a card out of this photo and put in the caption "Nobody's perfect."

Another butterfly that came to visit while I was photographing the swallowtail with one tail.

Baby Amish Paste tomatoes!

These are either the Ceylon Red or the Togo Trifle tomatoes. I forgot to check.

And a cleaning update: I took everything that I brought out of the dining room upstairs. It was about fifteen trips. And I also took some more of the entry room stuff upstairs as well. Not all of it, but progress has been made.

I did my laundry, cleaned the laundry room, cleaned the kitchen, and now all I really have to do in the first floor rooms that are finished is sweep. And it's only 4:45pm!

I am considering just sticking with the cleaning for the rest of today, and mowing and staking the tomatoes tomorrow. The grass isn't bad; I just need to get it done before the weekend, since I won't be home much this weekend. And I hate taking two showers in one day.

So if I don't decide to mow tonight, that means (if I stay downstairs) I either work in the bathroom, which is mostly throwing away garbage, or I work in the dining room some more, which is carrying more stuff upstairs.



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