I'm having issues with the Entry Room, and it's mostly about what I want that room to be.

You walk through my side door into the entry room. It's a regular sized room--the original kitchen, in fact--and thus it's way too big to be just a 'mudroom'. But even then, the box for mail is in that room, my bikes are in that room, and so are my garden shoes, hiking boots, and snow boots; my coats and jackets, my hats, my scarves, my cloaks. Mabel's crate is also in this room, and my typewriter desk, which doesn't really have a purpose at the moment since the cookbooks are in the kitchen again (and fit just fine in there, so that's not the issue.) Most of my walkingsticks are in this room, too.

But all three of my cabinets--two white ones (well, one pale blue since I painted it) and my former tea cabinet were also in this room, stored until I found a place for them.

The pale blue cabinet is now in the Green/Loom room, which meant a tiny bit of rearranging that worked out just fine, and I put the former tea cabinet in the Entry room with the expectation that I would find something to put in it.

Only, what? If I remove the cabinet, I could put the blue shelf I made out of wooden flats in its place and stick my shoes on that (currently it's upstairs in my office storing sweaters, but once I get up there, I should have room for my sweaters where the yarn once was.)

The other white cabinet held the cleaning supplies, and I'm probably going to put those in the laundry room and/or under the kitchen sink, because there aren't that many cleaning supplies left nowadays.

However, if I can't find a spot for these cabinets, I get to carry them upstairs by myself, which won't be fun at all, and I'd hate to then have to carry them back downstairs if I do end up finding a spot for them.

(Actually, the former tea cabinet might fit in my office. Hmm.)

I have also decided to either sell my Schwinn Jaguar bike instead of keeping it, because the handlebars are too wide for me to use, and that factor also makes it a bit difficult to store it with the other two bikes (which will be three once I get my other one off the front porch.) (Either I'll sell it or donate it for the church's next silent auction, which might not be a bad idea.)



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