I got home this evening and noticed little tiny Styrofoam balls all over the floor.

Hmm, I thought. Maybe they decided to use the styrofoam from the ceiling fan as a scratching post.

So I checked the blocks of Styrofoam--nope. They're intact. Hmm. I tried to think of what I owned that would contain Styrofoam and couldn't come up with anything. The only beanbag-type pillow I own is stuffed with buckwheat hulls and lavender.

Then I walked into the living room, and saw a pillow on the floor. It was a square pillow with jellybean print fabric.

And completely full of the little Styrofoam balls. Obviously, it's not my pillow; it's my sister's pillow, and it was probably somewhere in the pile of her stuff. Obviously, someone--names will not be named, because I can't prove it--decided that this squishy pillow would be a great thing to drag downstairs (I really would have loved to see this; the pillow was as big as the kittens, and it was no doubt their idea in the first place), kill all over the house, and poke a hole into.

Just one hole, thank goodness, and the mess is largely swept up. But I imagine I'll be finding little Styrofoam balls around the house for weeks now.

They are even on my desk!


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