Last night before bed, I cleaned half the bathroom. This afternoon, I cleaned the other half--except for the litterboxes, because I need new litter--and now it is done. I even cleaned out the closet! Ha!

(And filled up about half a contractor bag with garbage that wasn't mine.)

This morning, I intended to get up early and go stake tomatoes and then mow the grass, but the grass was still wet at 11am and it was getting Quite Hot, so I decided to wait on the grass until this evening. I'll mow it tonight, and I may wait until tomorrow morning to pick the beans that need to be picked.

I also cleaned a portion of the front porch last night. I was very busy last night.

So now, all that's left on my list for today is sweeping, putting away my clothes and working in my bedroom a bit, mowing the grass, and paying a bill or two. I will be sweeping next, and then paying the bills, and then later on when it's cooler, I will mow and before bed I will work on my clothes. I still have to switch out the winter clothes with the summer clothes. That's the sticking point, clothes-wise.

I won't be updating much from now until Sunday, as I will be in and out and in and out. And if I don't get Heart's Desire posted Sunday, I will post it Monday morning first thing. I promise.

But so far, cleaning-wise, I have finished nine sections or rooms in my house.

Finished are:

--The kitchen
--The laundry room
--The Green Room
--The Entry Room
--The dining room
--The bathroom (downstairs)
--The downstairs hallway
--The living room
--The upstairs hallway and stairs

In progress are:

--My bedroom
--Front porch
--The dining room

Not touched yet are:

--My upstairs hallway
--My office
--The bathroom (upstairs)
--The notgarbage boxes in the basement
--The shed
--The side porch

And then, for posterity:

--the storage bedroom (which needs things sorted)

You know what? I am happy with what I've gotten done so far. I'll be even happier when I can say I'm done in every room or space, but I think I'm going to take an hour or so to do something just for myself until it's cool enough to mow. (After I sweep, of course.)

I deserve it. :)


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