I had four things on my list of things to do this evening and two of them are done. Obviously I didn't quite think it would take me as long to do the two things as it did.

But the grass is mown (all of it!) and I sprayed and scrubbed off the white table in preparation for painting. Unfortunately, I didn't really have a place outside to stick it since it didn't quite get dry all the way even though I left it out in the sun for an hour, so I had to drag it inside.

(I can't lift it by myself, but it drags nicely, at least.)

There was some very old and ancient termite damage (And yes, I made darn sure the termites weren't active) and I did have to remove a board from the bottom. But otherwise, it's sturdy and will look quite nice once it gets painted.

Of course the cats are now all over it, sniffing and making themselves annoying. I have it propped half on its side so the bottom can dry out, and I hope they don't knock it over tonight.


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