Today's garden haul: another small zucchini (I much prefer them small for eating. If I pick them small, I can eat one in a sitting instead of eating half or even a third of one), and another handful of beans, a little more than yesterday. Those went in with the beans from yesterday, which means I now have about a pound of beans to do something with. I've been wanting to try the green bean dip recipe in Animal, Vegetable, Miracle so I might try it with these beans.

The other bush beans are loaded, but small yet. I did pick one from those. If I planted them in alphabetical order, then I have been picking the Calypso beans and the October beans will be ready soon.

Once the pole beans start bearing, I will let the bush beans grow for dried beans and pick the pole beans for green beans for a while. They will be a bit behind, though, which is okay with me.

One of the volunteer cherry tomatoes has an almost-ripe tomato! And my pleated cherries are appearing on my plants and they look very cool. The black ruffled tomato has tomatoes, too. And my paste tomatoes are getting really big!

There are some tiny squash, but I couldn't find the tiny cucumber I saw the other day, so maybe it didn't get fertilized. :( And I have baby peppers, too. I just hope it doesn't all hit at once!

And I did pull up the rest of the garlic yesterday, except for one which I'm going to let flower. I still have to braid it up and hang it up, but I ended up with 70 garlic bulbs all told. not too bad at all.


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