Today was errand day. I got my hair cut (right around shoulder length, and I love it), my car got an oil change but not new tires (not yet, according to the nice mechanic; maybe by wintertime), Em and I went to the Amish stores and Good Seed Farm (where I bought lots of cheese, oats, some spices, and other stuff that I can't get any more local than that, and I also bought two perennial plants at Good Seed Farm, which I'll have to name later since I don't have the paper handy.) And then we got blueberries, and I didn't get home until after 5pm. Whew! A long day.

I've been out in the back garden to check on the sweet potatoes and pull up thousands of catalpa tree seedlings (I am not exaggerating, either) and try to make the blackberry canes grow up my lopsided arch. I didn't think blackberry canes were supposed to get 10 feet tall, but I bet mine are that big. I mean--10 feet tall? How will I pick them?

I also ate my first blackberry--the first one to ripen. The others are coming along, but they aren't ripe yet. I had high hopes that the birds wouldn't get this one before me, but I did have to wrest it away from a Japanese beetle. It was quite yummy, but I could have used a couple of quarts of those as well. ;)

I still have to go out into the main garden. I think I will wear pants because the mosquitoes are out in force and I have enough bites on my legs. And it's actually nice enough to wear pants! So far, weather-wise, this has been the best week for a vacation. Last year, it wouldn't have been, but this year? Perfect.

I am debating whether I should just get the garden stuff done tonight and work inside tomorrow. I guess I'll make that decision after supper, which will probably be zucchini with local butter and local cheese. Mmm.


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