Happy Independence Day!

This weekend's cleaning goal is to finish reorganizing/decluttering the living room, green room, and the hallway. (Why not? Most of the stuff in the hallway that doesn't belong just has to be carried upstairs. I'm almost done in the green room, and the living room is in progress.)

Thankfully, it's supposed to rain, so I am looking forward to being able to get some stuff done inside!

The paint dried very, very quickly, and it really didn't look like it needed a second coat, so I put Ester in place last night. Talk about a perfect fit!

I had every intention of going to the Lawrenceburg Antique show with Dad on Sunday, but Bekah called and said that Sunday was the only day she could come (with Ethan) and go through stuff, so... I decided not to go in favor of getting more of her stuff out of the house. :)

I have also decided that I really like the idea of bringing the yarn downstairs and storing it in my vintage suitcases. That's what I bought the suitcases for anyway... it only makes sense. And having it all together in one place means that upstairs can be sewing/fabric and downstairs can be loom/fiber.

And my nice green wooden boxes can also be used for sweaters-for-fabric, or just fabric; it's not like I don't still have a couple of piles of fabric sitting around waiting to find a place to be put away, after all.

So the yarn will come downstairs; the fabric will stay upstairs, and I think that will work.

(The yarn in suitcases can sit right on top of the yellow blanket chest in the picture above.)


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