So my sister Jessica has opened her own Etsy store, and she needed a name for it. She had one, but it's actually taken, so we thought and thought and thought and thought and finally came up with one that no one else has. We tried "String Beads", "BeadIt!", "Beadstro", "Bead Yourself", "Bead Happy", "Beadtopia", "Bead it or Not", "BeadWitch", "Beadazzle", "Beadswax", "Beadzilla", and many, many others.

Then I called my Dad, who suggested "Three Bead Salad", which wasn't taken and got us thinking about food, and we tried "Lima Beads" and "Green Beads", but they were taken. And then, FINALLY, we ended up with a winner: Bead Burrito. Ha!

(I'm going to assume that "Pork 'n Beads" wasn't taken, but--no. And we tried "Red Beads and Rice" and "Black Beads and Rice", but she didn't like those. And "Beads 'n Franks" just didn't make sense.)

Whew! I didn't think it would take so long to figure out something that would be cute, catchy, and actually work, but it took three people to come up with a good name. And it's a good name, too. :)


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