The entry room is done except for one thing that needs to be taken upstairs. Yay! (I need to sweep, too, but I'm going to do multiple rooms at the same time.)

The kitchen is fairly done; I had done most of it already anyway, and I cleaned off the kitchen table and washed the dishes. Then I made cherry crisp and more granola, so there are more dishes to do. But that's okay. The kitchen is a 'living' room, after all.

I have to clean off my baking table, put away the granola and crisp, and take out the garbage. Then I can move into the laundry room, which doesn't need a *lot* of work, but needs enough for it to be irritating.

I'm trying to decide that since I did go through the appliances, etc. earlier, do I need to go through them again? I am definitely going through the pots and pans, though.

Tomorrow, Em and I are going down to the Amish store so I can stock up on the stuff I am out of, and also my car is going in for an oil change and possibly new tires if it needs them. This is Big Expense #2 this year, since I bought the new fridge. But I expected it (if I do need new tires now) so all is well.

Did I mention I'm on vacation this week? I don't remember.

Here's what's left, cleaning-wise:

--the laundry room
--the bathroom (downstairs)
--the dining room
--the side porch
--the front porch
--my hallway upstairs
--my bedroom
--my office
--the bathroom (upstairs)
--the notgarbage containers in the basement
--the shed.

Obviously, I'm not going to get everything done. The areas not on my priority list are the upstairs bathroom, the notgarbage containers in the basement, and the shed. I'd like to get everything else done, but we'll see.

(I still have a bunch of stuff to carry upstairs from the entry room, too.)


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