So the reason I was incommunicado this weekend?

Well, for one, I wasn't home. At all. Friday, I drove up to Frankenmuth, Michigan to meet my family, who were on their way back from Wisconsin for their vacation. And we stayed there until this morning, when we all drove home.

I actually got back to my house just a bit before 9pm tonight. I am off tomorrow, thank goodness, but then my vacation is over (*sob*) and I have to go back to work on Tuesday.

I'm not going to go into detail this evening, because I want to sleep sometime soon, but I'll suffice to say that Miss Mabel had a great weekend visiting her new friends at my coworker's house (the coworker who rescued Mabel), all the inside cats did not blow up the house while I was gone (and didn't perish from boredom, either), and I had a nice weekend with my family eating way too much fudge and cheese and stuff like that. I also spent too much money, but I did end up bringing home freshly picked cherries from a nearby orchard, chocolate cheese, and quite a bit of tea.

Mabel and I drove home right before a storm that never quite materialized, but it rained, so that's good.

I hate to see what three days has done to my garden. It looked good, though--I'm sure I'll be picking zucchini, beans, and maybe even squash tomorrow morning.

(I will update Heart's Desire tomorrow.)


But one thing I do really want to brag about.
I've been getting 37mpg regularly with my car just by paying attention to my RPMs and going the speed limit or just under the speed limit. My goal, of course, was 40mpg. 40mpg in a Pontiac Vibe has to be some sort of record. I mean, this is really a crossover SUV, or what crossover SUVs were three years ago. (Now they are just SUVs in disguise.)

On the way up to Frankenmuth, I saw that I was getting really, really good gas mileage. I could have made it up there on a tank of gas, easily, but I didn't want to drive around on empty, either, so about 30 miles away from Frankenmuth, I stopped to see how I was doing.

I used 10.28 gallons to go 412 miles.

Which, my friends, is 40mpg. HA!


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