Just as I climbed into bed last night to go to sleep, my subconscious obligingly handed me the set of really nasty scenes I'll have to write in Fire and Water sooner or later. All I can say is that I now know how Stefan blinds Malachi, and what Malachi does to put himself into such a vulnerable position, and just--oh boy. This is going to be interesting, and quite painful to write.

Poor Malachi. I promise, things get much better for him after this book. (At least I think they do. Considering the only thing actually finished that comes next are the Karen Montgomery stories (I never did finish Scarecrows, but its premise may actually end up still working if Fire and Water goes where I think it will go) I'm not positive. But I'm pretty sure.)

I didn't write it down last night, but let it simmer overnight and I wrote four pages of notes this morning. I also got glimpses of what happens to Erialas, and how Michael fits in to all of this, too. I must be on the right track. :)

It's raining now. It was storming a bit earlier, but it's just rain right now. I'm not complaining; I actually had to water some of my plants (in pots) last night. I did not get out to the garden yesterday at all, though, but I wasn't really expecting to need to. Nothing urgent needed picking, and I warped the loom instead with yarn I'm going to have to re-warp to get right, because it's actually too thick to use as I have it right now. *sigh*Oh well.


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