Here's my list for the weekend:

--Taste of St. George tonight (I am making vegetable soup and no-knead bread)
--Bake bread (Since I had to start this last night, it's already in progress)
--Put vegetable soup ingredients into crock pot, has to be done by 3:30pm

--Do dishes (this will be more than once, since I'm baking/cooking)
--Plant rest of herbs, etc. outside
--Pick beans (if needed)
--Mow grass? (Probably not needed)
--Work in bedroom/my hallway
--Finish my bedroom/hallway
--Figure out what to do with the cucumbers my coworker gave me
--Laundry, and put away the clean clothes!
--Write Fire and Water
--Possibly finish the purple scarf/wrap I've been working on for two weeks
--If I finish it, warp the loom for my scarf/wrap from the yarn I bought in Frankenmuth.


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