The living room and the green room have been swept. Officially, they are done. This is a very satisfying thing!

Ethan and Bekah came by (Bekah came by to go through more stuff) and Ethan helped me sweep. Said Ethan, "I thought this would be boring, but actually, it's kind of fun." Haha. :)

Unfortunately, all the pictures I've been taking have turned out way too dark. I need to figure out how to get my camera to ignore the outside brightness and concentrate on the inside light. I know there's a way; I just have to figure it out.

Now on to the hallway! And when I get the hallway done, I'm declaring myself finished with cleaning for the weekend. I have some other stuff that I need to do anyway, and I'm satisfied with what I've gotten done so far.

(And I haven't been ignoring my WIP--Fire and Water, formerly Hell--is now 15,748 words. I obviously haven't written as much as last weekend, but that's okay. I'm not complaining!


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