Today was finishing up in the Green Room and cleaning/reorganizing the Living Room. Surprisingly, I only had to take the one rocking chair upstairs--and I had room for the television and my stereo! Ha! And it looks nice, too. I'm shocked. I really thought I would have to take my TV upstairs, but I didn't have to after all.

I am almost finished in the living room, and then into the hallway. And I have tomorrow left, so I should actually get that situated too. And I put most of my clothes away last night. I'm hoping to get to the rest of them tonight. I have to switch out my winter clothes with my summer clothes still and I didn't want to do that at 11pm last night.

So, definite progress. I'm going to get the sweeper out in a bit here and see if I can make the living room rug red again. (Meaning: Sweep up all the cat hair.)


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