33,097 at the moment; Erialas just found out what happened to Michael. Oops! Maybe giving him that spell wasn't a good idea, no?

Things are progressing nicely, but it's almost 3pm and I have to do a couple more things on my list before I leave for the Birthday Party! (At Chuck-E-Cheese's, blech.) I have to wrap Ethan's presents, for one.

Oh, and I was having a conundrum about what to get Ethan for his birthday. But then I stopped at Borders, where they had a bunch of Pirates of the Caribbean books for $4 and $5/each--a storybook with a viewfinder compass and cartridges that show movie scenes, a pop-up pirate ship, and a really nice book that spans all three movies. I also bought him a Big Book of Reptiles, because he'll like the pictures. It has a picture of a Green Boa (I think) on the front. :) So for under $20, I got him four books! Not bad at all.

(After all, I am the book Auntie. It only makes sense.)

So I probably won't get much else written today. I haven't had to turn on the air, either, yet, so that's good. It's 80 degrees in here, but actually quite comfortable.


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