I picked a half bushel of tomatoes tonight. 5 1/2lbs of that were Red Fig tomatoes. (I didn't weigh the whole half bushel.) But yikes! I also picked four of the Howard German tomatoes, one not-so-ripe because I didn't want it to get even more sunburned than it was.

Along with that were more sunberries--I have about a half a quart at the moment, more huckleberries, four small cucumbers (the last ones! *sob*), and a bowl full of dried beans (still in their pods.) And that's about it.

And again, the reminder: Note to self: Eight Red Fig tomato plants is four too many! It's like planting a dozen Sweet 100 plants*!

*I actually have more than a dozen Sweet 100 tomato plants, because of all the ones that volunteered to sprout this year.


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