So last night, I saw a post on my local Craigslist for "Weaving Supplies" and I just about did not get to 50k on Fire and Water because of it (although I did, eventually.) I clicked on the link and saw a few pictures of interesting things, like a standing inkle loom, a warping board, a spinning wheel, and a table loom not unlike my LeClerc Bergere. Only, the seller wanted a "Best Offer."

I hate it when people do that, because I never know if I'm giving a really lowball offer or if they are screaming joyously that I gave them twice what they wanted. So I asked the seller if she had an idea of what she would want for it all--including, Jenny, a ball winder!--and she wrote back to say that everything in the pictures could be mine for $275, which is actually less than what I intended to offer her.

I asked her first where she was located--she replied that she was ten minutes away from where I work. It was fate, I tell you. Fate!

Meet my spinning wheel. She is a "Country Craftsman" spinning wheel, which evidentally is a really good (and unfortunately discontinued) brand. All in great shape; looks absolutely brand new.

I had every intention of reselling the spinning wheel, but now I am thinking. What would it hurt to at least (since I have a spinning wheel) learn to spin? And then if I decide it's not for me, I can always sell her to someone who would appreciate her more.

I think she is beautiful, though. A bit dusty, but beautiful.

A standing inkle loom, with what looks to be an antique inkle loom shuttle included. It's a very nice loom; handmade and solid cherry. I will have to dust this off a bit, too.

An oak inkle loom. She basically tossed this in with a bunch of weaving books and my total was $300 for everything. I bought the ball winder for $20 and forgot to take a picture of it. But it's a blue royal ball winder.

The table rigid heddle loom. It's definitely a LeClerc Bergere--it's identical to mine, except for the bar on top and an extra reed rest. The gears are marked LeClerc, but I can't find any other markings on it. I really kind of like this one better, so when I'm done with my gypsy shawl, I'll probably post the other one for sale and keep this one.

And a Hammett's warping board. This will be very useful. I've been looking at them on ebay, but the shipping costs aren't cheap!

And then, because it was getting dark, I ran out into the garden and picked 5 1/2lbs of tomatoes. Yikes! I think I actually might have enough Red Fig tomatoes by the weekend to dry them, which would be cool. And again by the weekend, I may have enough paste tomatoes to do a batch of Slow-Roasted tomatoes, too.


Unknown said…
Oh, my. Congratulations on the nice deal, and the beautiful spinning wheel! I have some extra fiber if you need some for learning on. :)
Jennifer said…
Fiber is one thing I don't have--if you really have some extra, I'd love to practice with it!

Can I trade something for it? Other than tomatoes? :)
Unknown said…
I'll send some fiber your way, then. Hmm...if you have extra seeds of that sunflower you posted the picture of, I wouldn't at all mind having some for next year. :)
Kesh Hatzis said…
I'm looking for a used Leclerc Bergere loom if you want to sell one. Thanks,

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