Dad and I were going out to lunch today because I baked bread and he was intending to pick up his loaf, and we ended up at the Antique Machinery Show which is going on this weekend. Where I spent $20 to buy a bag full of yarn--now I really need a yarn swift and a ball winder--and a CD. I also saw two looms, including another Union Loom!

I am thinking that it might be a good idea to set up there next year. I could sell books, woven items, and whatever; antiques and fleamarket stuff is also welcome, so it could be just about anything! And it's $40 for the whole 4 days. Not bad at all. Of course this year they had great weather; most of the other years it has been really hot. But it might be a good idea anyway.

Now, of course, I really want to warp the big loom!


Unknown said…
Ooh, the swift and ball winder are a great purchase. I got mine for Christmas last year and I'm still excited to use them because they make things so much easier.
Jennifer said…
All of the yarn I bought needs to be put into balls, so it would probably be a good idea. :)

I'll be looking, probably on ebay, although it looks like the ball winders are more expensive than I figured they would be!

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